Meccano Society of Scotland

Menstrie Meeting 2004

Falling Weight Competition

The Falling Weight Model Challenge was held at Menstrie on 22 May 2004. The object was to see which entrant could travel furthest using a 1 pound weight, with a maximum height of 3 feet.

Click here for the detailed rules.

There were six entrants including a proxy entrant from America. It was an exciting competition. The first heat was made with a full height drop of the weight (3 feet). All entrants managed to traverse the full length of the hall (39' 4").

For the second heat a fall of 18" for the weight was allowed. Two entries were eliminated at this. The four which succeeded went on to the third heat where a weight fall of 12" was allowed. This eliminated a further two entries.

The final two entries then went head to head with only a 8" fall of the weight. Neither entry managed the full length of the hall. Chris Shute was then declared the winner, with a distance of 37' 4"



Driving Wheels

Idler Wheels



Best Performance

Alan Blair

Hub Disc

1" Pulley

Single strips

Large Flanged Wheels>Collar


Smallest & lightest

Alistair Nicoll

9½" Flanged Ring


Bush Wheel edges

Small Flanged Wheel>Coupling


Possibly heaviest

Rod Bessant

9½" Flanged Ring

6" Pulleys

Bush Wheel Bosses

Sleeve Piece>Coupling


27' 6"(12" drop)

David Lawrence

7½" circ. strip


Bush Wheel Edges

Worm>Sleeve Piece>Collars


32' 6" (12" drop)

Tim Edwards

7½" circ. strip

7½" circ. strip

Elektrikit Needle bearings

Sleeve Piece in Small Flanged Wheels. Cord detachable


28' 4" (8" drop)

Chris Shute

7½" circ. strip

7½" circ. strip

Faceplate edges

Plastic Rod Connector>bare axle rod


37' 4" (8" drop)

Competition Pictures

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