Meccano Society of Scotland

Trebuchet Competition

Menstrie 2009

This competition this year is to build a Trebuchet. The idea behind the competition is to see whose model can throw and object the furthest.


  1. The challenge is to build a trebuchet.
  2. The model shall be a trebuchet constructed entirely of Meccano Parts. The only exception to this is that any cord used does not need to be Meccano cord. Such cord shall not be elastic.
  3. The use of part nos 66 and 67 shall not be allowed.
  4. The model shall not be more than 15.5" long, 15.5" high and 3" wide and shall stay within these dimensions while operating.
  5. The object thrown shall be a matchbox, containing a number of Meccano ball bearings and the same object shall be used by all contestents.
  6. The winner will be the model to project the missile the furthest.
  7. No part of the bulldozer may protrude beyond the front of the pusher plate.
  8. Only Meccano parts may be used to construct the bulldozer, except for any additional weight used solely to make up to comply with Rule 3 and the label to comply with Rule 10.

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