The Meccano Society of Scotland

No.1 Clockwork Motor Hill Climb

Menstrie Challange 2002

General Rules

  1. The sole source of power shall be a standard post war Meccano Ltd. No.1 Clockwork Motor.
  2. All parts of the model must be standard numbered Meccano parts produced by Meccano Ltd. or Meccano S.A. excluding rubber tracks.
  3. The course shall be distance of 1.0 metre along a wooden board, the angle of which can be changed by lifting one end in 1cm steps by the use of a frame built from Meccano.
  4. The model shall be started on the slope with the parts in contact with the surface on the start line.
  5. It shall be deemed to have completed the course when the parts in contact with the surface touch the finish line.
  6. The challange shall be run on an elimination basis. In the event of the last two or more models all failing at the same angle of elevation, the model proceeding furthest up the slope will be deemed to be the winner.