The Meccano Society of Scotland

Clockwork Motor Walking

Menstrie Challange 2003

General Rules

  • The motive power shall be a post Second World War No.1 clockwork motor
  • All parts of the model must be standard numbered Meccano parts produced by Meccano Ltd or Meccano S.A.
  • The model shall progress by a means of locomotion readily identified as "walking".
  • The model may have as many "legs" and "feet" as the entrant may desire.
  • The No.1 Clockwork Motor shall be an integral part of the moving model and supported on the legs.
  • No wheels or other parts capable of being used to give a rolling motion shall be in contact with the floor
  • Each entrant will be allowed three attempts, the furthest distance being travelled in any one attempt being the one taken in to consideration when deciding the winner.
  • The winner will be defined as the entrant whose model covers the greatest distance on a level floor on one winding.
  • Proxy contestants are welcome