The Meccano Society of Scotland

Falling Weight Powered Vehicle

Menstrie Challenge 2004

General Rules

  1. The only source of motive power for the vehicle shall be a falling weight of not more than one pound (454g).
  2. The weight must be detachable for verification. Included in the material weighed must be the method of attachment (hook, etc.) used to attach the weight.
  3. The weight must remain on the vehicle throughout its complete journey.
  4. With two exceptions, all parts of the construction must be Meccano or Meccano replica parts and appear in the ISM Inclusive Parts List. The only two exceptions are the weight itself and the cord (if used).
  5. The overall height of the model is not to exceed 36 inches (914mm).
  6. The model must start spontaneously on being released.
  7. The winner will be the machine that travels the furthest distance in a straight line on a single fall of the weight.
  8. Each model shall be allowed three runs, the longest distance achieved being the one recorded for that model.
  9. Proxy entries will be accepted.
  10. The challenge will be decided at the May 22nd 2004 meeting.