The Meccano Society of Scotland

21st Anniversary

Menstrie Challenge 2005

To celebrate 21 years of the Meccano Society of Scotland, those attending our all-day meeting in Menstrie on Saturday May 21st 2005, are invited to submit a 21-part model in challenge with fellow members. If you can't be with us, you're invited to compete by post or e-mail. (See below). Entries will be welcomed from anyone, anywhere.

The judge will be Chris Shute, who will consider various qualities of each entry, especially:

General Rules

  1. Entries shall be built from 21 Meccano parts.
  2. All parts of the construction must be Meccano or Meccano replica parts and appear in the ISM Inclusive Parts List. No motor may be used.
  3. A part of multiple components (e.g. Universal Coupling 140) shall be counted as one part provided it remains intact, in its normal configuration.
  4. The following parts shall not be counted: Nut 37a, Bolt 37b, Washer 38, Any Grub Screw or Set Screw 69, 69a, 69b, 69c.

Menstrie Meeting Entries

  1. The judge would prefer not to know the identity of any model's creator before results are declared. Accordingly, entries should remain hidden until 12.50pm.
  2. Entries may be simply labelled, remaining anonymous.
  3. At 12.50pm, the judge will walk his dog, while competitors display their entries at the competition table.
  4. Judging will commence at 1.00pm. Results will be declared at 2.00pm.

Postal or E-mailed Entries

  1. Postal or e-mailed entries for a parallel challenge are welcome, and will be judged separately, a winner being announced on the same day.
  2. Entries may contain such photographs, diagrams or text as necessary to allow the judge to assess it.
  3. The winning entry, and others may appear on our website or in our newsletter.
  4. No model should be sent.
  5. Posted material will be returned if the entrant encloses return postage.
  6. Entries should arrive no later than one week in advance of the Menstrie meeting.
  7. E-mailed entries should be sent to the challenge organiser
  8. Postal entries should be sent to the challenge organiser.
  9. The judge will acknowledge receipt of entries by e-mail and post if an S.A.E. is supplied. No other correspondence about the competition may be entered into.