The Meccano Society of Scotland

Carry the (Baked Beans) Can

Menstrie Challenge 2006

Our challenge this year makes use of the Magic Motor and baked beans! Simply build a vehicle to transport the 420g can of beans as far as possible along the smooth wooden floor of the Menstrie Scout Hall. As in previous years, trials will be held at 2pm. The following guidelines will apply:

  1. Motive power must be provided by a Meccano Magic Motor.
  2. The unopened can must be carried clear of the ground.
  3. Any known Meccano parts (which have appeared in Meccano-published lists) may be used.
  4. Standard tins of beans will be available for the trials, being Tesco Value Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, 420g net weight, 1lb 1oz gross; approximate dimensions: 3" diameter, 4ΒΌ" tall.
  5. A Magic Motor will be available for loan at the trials, if required. Mounting lugs are five holes and four holes apart. The captive pulley on the drive shaft is 5mm diameter at its groove.

All members attending are invited to predict the winning distance. The closest estimate will receive a small prize! If you are coming to Menstrie (and we all hope that you intend to) then bring along a Magic Motor with some wheels attached and enter the competition.