The Meccano Society of Scotland

Magic Motor Reversing Vehicle

Menstrie Challenge 2007


To produce a vehicle which will automatically reverse as many times as possible between a pair of vertical obstacles 4 feet apart.


  1. The motive power shall be a post Second World War Magic clockwork motor.
  2. All parts of the model must be standard numbered Meccano or Meccano replica parts and appear in the ISM Inclusive Parts List.
  3. The Magic Clockwork Motor shall be an integral part of the moving model.
  4. The maximum size of the vehicle to be width 9 inches and length 12 inches.
  5. The model must start without assistance.
  6. Once an attempt is under way, the competitor may not touch it except to straighten its course if necessary.
  7. Each entrant will be allowed three attempts, the most number of reversals accomplished in any one attempt being the one taken in to consideration when deciding the winner.
  8. The winner will be defined as the entrant whose model covers the greatest number of reversals on a level floor on one winding.
  9. Proxy contestants are welcome