The Meccano Society of Scotland


Menstrie Challenge 2008

This challenge this year is to build a bulldozer type vehicle. The idea behind the competition is that pairs of bulldozers go head to head and try and push their opponent backwards.


  1. Maximum bulldozer width - 6 inches.
  2. Maximum bulldozer length - 12 1/2 inches.
  3. Maximum bulldozer weight - 1.5kg.
  4. No limit to number of driving wheels.
  5. Powered by one wind of a post-war No.1 Clockwork motor.
  6. A Part No. 52 to be used as the pusher plate. This should be orientated horizontally in the vertical plane (i.e. 2 1/2" high) to present a smooth flat surface to the opponent, with a 1" clearance at the bottom from the ground. No protruding nuts/bolts etc. on the front face to interfere with the opponent.
  7. No part of the bulldozer may protrude beyond the front of the pusher plate.
  8. Only Meccano parts may be used to construct the bulldozer, except for any additional weight used solely to make up to comply with Rule 3 and the label to comply with Rule 10.
  9. Each round of the competition starts with the pusher plates of the two bulldozers touching each other face to face directly over the starting line.
  10. Each bulldozer to display the builder's name.
  11. Three goes are allowed for each entrant in each stage of the competition
  12. To start the competition, both bulldozers shall be held stationary by someone else whilst the motors are switched on and then released simultaneously.
  13. The winner of each pair meets winner of the next pair.
  14. The winner is the bulldozer which finishes up having crossed over the start line after the clockwork motors in both bulldozers have run down.
  15. The competition to be run on a horizontal varnished wooden board.
  16. Proxy entrants permitted.
  17. In the event of a dispute the decision of the club secretary is final.