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Menstrie Meeting 2009

In May 2009 we held our annual Menstrie Meeting and Challange.
The Challenge this year was to construct a trebuchet. See the Challenge Rules page for more details.

Menstrie Challenge - Report

The Challenge this year was to construct a Trebuchet. Click here for the detailed rules

In the event there were 5 entries. Two of these did not fall within the rules. One was spring operated. By definition a trebuchet was weight operated. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a trebuchet as "a machine for projecting missiles against defences". While this is a necessary condition of being a trebuchet, it is not sufficient to completely define the machine. The rules originators did not consider it necessary to include a "no springs" rule, it having been assumed that the weight operated condition would be well understood by entrants. The other entry that did not meet the criteria was one which had a sling attached. As it was 15½" high and the sling was attached at the top, in operation it was going to be outwith the 15½" arc defined by rule 4.

From left to right in the general picture below are:

In the event each machine was required to project three missiles:

  1. A matchbox with a small number of ball bearings
  2. A matchbox filled with ball bearings
  3. A practice golf ball (i.e. a hollow plastic sphere with a perforated surface).

The results are shown in the table below:-

  Light Matchbox Heavy matchbox Practice golf ball
Rod Bessant 76 62 55
Bill Jack 55 15 83
Robert Jones 40 22 n/r
Douglas Carson 168 101 n/a
Bobby Middlemass 65 19 52

For some reason the performance of Robert Jones' entry with the golf ball was not recorded. Douglas Carson's sling would not hold the ball and his machine therefore did not project it.

Rod Bessent was the overall winner with the missile specified in the rules. Interestingly Bill Jack's machine outperformed it when the golf ball was used as a missile. Douglas Carson's machine was so much better at projecting the matchbox that one is left wondering if a better design within the rules might have been a shorter projecting arm with a sling to bring the operating arc up to the specified arc. Or was his success due to the ingenious vertically falling weight mechanism referred to earlier?

Pictures from Menstrie 2009

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