The Meccano Society of Scotland

Menstrie Meeting 2010

In May 2010 we held our annual Menstrie Meeting and Challange.
The Challenge this year was to construct a magic motor powered vehicle. See the Challenge Rules page for more details.

Menstrie Challenge - Report

The challenge this year was to build a Magic Motor powered vehicle which would be the fastest over a short flat course on the floor of the scout hall. The outcome was decided on the basis of a league system with each entry racing against every other entry in an extended series of binary races. One proviso in the rules was that the vehicles had to run in as close as possible to a straight line. Veering off course and crashing into another vehicle would entail disqualification.

In the event there were twelve entries with two members submitting two entries each. One of the entries was a proxy entry from Rob Mitchell (given the somewhat unlikely name of “Accelerated Particle”) who appointed George Roy as his proxy Mechanic. Veering off course did not present the problem that the organisers had feared. Quite a number of entries did not run in an exact straight line but, with one notable exception all managed to cross the finishing line without crashing into their opponent. The exception was the vehicle produced by Margaret Tattersfield. This did not crash in to any other vehicle but ran in such tight circles around the start line that it only once managed to complete the course. On the occasion that it did run in a straight line, it won easily and appeared to be fastest model in the competition. However the reason for this triumph was not diagnosed and the model reverted to its tight circles for the rest of the competition.

As can be seen in the photograph a large range of designs was entered. Basically it came down to a competition between comparatively heavy machines with large diameter driving wheels and light machines with comparatively small (1½") driving wheels. The exception being Accelerated Particle (light and large wheels).

It is worth noting that second equal were Rob Mitchell and Gordon Stewart. Rob’s only two losses were against Gordon and against his proxy mechanic, George Roy.

On the basis of 3 points for a win, one for a dead heat and nothing for a loss the final scores (maximum possible 33) were:

George Roy(1)30
Gordon Stewart (2)27
Rob Mitchell27
Gordon Stewart (1)21
Bert Hutchings18
Joe Etheridge18
Desmond Smith15
George Roy (2)15
Douglas Carson12
Alistair Nicoll12
Margaret Tattersfield3
Bill Jack0