The Meccano Society of Scotland

Hamster and Hamster Wheel

Menstrie Challange 2016


The challenge this year is to construct a hamster wheel and a hamster to run in it. The hamster is to be powered by a clockwork motor.


  1. Both the hamster and the wheel must be made entirely from Meccano (NB this includes the use of Meccano Driving Bands for power transmission if a Magic Motor is used).
  2. The wheel can be of any diameter and any thickness and must be constructed so that the hamster runs inside the periphery.
  3. The wheel should be pivoted at the centre and mounted on a stationary frame.
  4. A clear mark on the periphery should be added to allow for easy counting of the number of revolutions the wheel makes.
  5. The hamster should be powered by a clockwork motor. Any Meccano clockwork motor may be used.
  6. The hamster shall run on the inside surface of the wheel.
  7. The hamster shall not be attached or affixed to the wheel or its frame.
  8. The winner will be the hamster that achieves the greatest number of revolutions of the wheel on a single winding.
  9. In the event of a tie, the winner shall be the hamster that runs for the longest.