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Menstrie Meeting 2019

In May 2019 we held our annual Menstrie Meeting and Challange.
This year the challenge was to carry a load over an obstacle course. See the Menstrie Challenge Rules page for more details.

Menstrie Challenge - Report

The challenge was to build a vehicle to carry 50 ball bearings in a boiler end over an obstacle course. There were 8 heats each with a different obstacle. The score for each heat was the number of balls left in the boiler end when the vehicle reached the finish line added to the number of seconds left from the 60 seconds allowed for completion of the heat. Seven members entered vehicles for the challenge.

There was no obstacle in the first heat. The next two heats featured first the ramp then the see saw. Two vehicles entered by Dave Stanford and Alan Bair had difficulty getting a grip on the ramp. They just slipped. These vehicles did not get any further in the contest and finished sixth and seventh.

The fourth heat featured the 5-hole high wall. This proved very difficult to get over. This saw the withdrawal of Douglas Carson’s vehicle, he came fifth. George Roy’s vehicle got stuck on the wall which meant he dropped behind the only three vehicles to get over the wall. These were entered by Brendan Harris, Andy Knox and Gordon Stewart.

The remaining four heats were the half cylinders, the cubes, the prisms and the rollers. The leading four vehicles all performed well in these heats. Georg Roy could not make up the points he lost on the wall and so finished fourth. Gordon Stewart’s vehicle got a bit stuck on the rollers in the last heat so lost time and finished third. Andy Knox’s and Brendan Harris’s vehicles were very close in performance. Andy’s was slightly better at getting more balls to the end of the heat, Brendan’s was slightly faster. Adding up the scores Andy came second and Brendan first.

The scores were:

None Balls Left 49 50 50 50 50 50 50
Time left Left 44 40 40 41 31 44 33
Ramp Balls Left 46 50 50 46 50    
Time left Left 43 39 38 40 24    
See Saw Balls Left 39 49 45 42 46 39  
Time left Left 43 37 41 41 19 41  
Wall Balls Left 48 49 45        
Time left Left 44 35 35        
Balls Left 49 50 46 50      
Time left Left 43 38 39 38      
Cubes Balls Left 48 49 49 49      
Time left Left 40 35 34 28      
Prisms Balls Left 46 50 50 45      
Time left Left 40 30 31 37      
Rollers Balls Left 47 46 48 50      
Time left Left 42 43 29 40      
Total 711 690 670 597 220 174 83
Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th

Pictures from Menstrie 2019

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See a video of the meeting

(Video by Dave Stanford)