The Meccano Society of Scotland

Trophy Winners

Annual Competition

There is an award for the best model at our annual show. This competition was first held in 1985. In recent years the result of the competition has been decided by a vote by exhibitors.

There is also an award for the best Meccano Society of Scotland (MSS) Model.

1985 - - -

1986 - 1st Albert Howe: Steam Engine.

2nd Douglas Cooper: Derrick Crane.

3rd Jackie Inglis: Traction Engine.

1987 - 1st Douglas Cooper: Range of excavators.

2nd Bob Middlemass: Railway Breakdown Crane.

3rd Frank Beadle: Corliss engine.

1988 - 1st Jackie Inglis: model display including bus, steam cultivator, windmill & cable car.

2nd Jim Finlayson Jnr: Jack-up Oil Rig.

3rd Bob Middlemass: Supermodel twin cylinder steam engine.

1989 - 1st Derek Strickland: Skew Rotating Aeroplanes.

2nd2nd Jim Etheridge: Vintage Motor Car.

3rd Dave Stokes: Forth Railway Bridge.

1990 - 1st Derek Strickland: Road Repair set.

2nd Bob Middlemass: Gallopers.

3rd Douglas Cooper: South Goodwin Lightship and Destroyer.

1991 - No awards made due to lack of new or novel models.

1992 - 1st Tom Paxton: VW Golf GT.

2nd Joe Etheridge: Grass Hopper Steam Engine.

3rd Bob Middlemass: CQ Rocking Cylinder Steam Engine.

1993 - 1st Jim Berrie: Old Time Working Locomotive.

2nd Jackie Inglis: Divers Helmet.

3rd Bob Middlemass: Glasgow Corporation Tramcar.

1994 - 1st Jackie Inglis: Models including 40 Oar Galley, Beam Engine and Divers Helmet.

2nd Alistair Nicoll: Meccanograph and Pin Ball Machine.

3rd Joe Etheridge: Country Fair inc. Gallopers & Traction Engine.

1995 - 1st George Roy: Traction Engine and Threshing Machine.

2nd Tom Paxton: F40 Ferrari.

3rd Chris Freeman: Stephenson’s Rocket

1996 - 1st Ken McDonald: Animated building site.

2nd Jackie Inglis: Tricky Track.

3rd Alistair Nicoll: Miniature Blocksetter.

1997 - 1st Tim Edwards: Bulldozer.

2nd Ian Mordue: Crawler Crane.

3rd Joe Etheridge: Shay Locomotive.

1998 - 1st Ed Rebecca: Ping Pong Machine.

2nd Joe Etheridge: Railway Breakdown Crane.

3rd Ian Mordue: Crawler Crane.

1999 - 1st Joe Etheridge: Level Luffing Crane, Tank Loco, Dockside and Ship.

2nd Tim Edwards: Braiding Machine.

3rd Bob Brown: Lorry Mounted Telescopic Crane.

2000 - 1st Chris Shute: Model Display including Gargantua and Matchbox Manipulator.

2nd Bob Brown: Flying Scotsman.

3rd Ed Messenger: Ball Roller.

2001 - 1st Tim Edwards: LMS Beyer Garratt locomotive.

2nd Bob Middlemass: Tower Bridge.

3rd Ed Rebecca: Ball Handler.

2002 - 1st Bob Middlemass: Tower Bridge.

2nd George Roy: Traction Engine and Threshing Machine.

3rd Chris Shute: Ping Pong Ball Machine.

2003 - 1st Bob Brown: Tower Crane.

2nd Ed Rebecca: Astronomical Clock.

3rd George Roy: Dockside Crane.

2004 - 1st Joe Etheridge: Track Mounted Excavator.

2nd Ken McDonald: Boat in Harbour.

3rd Bob Middlemass: Lifting Bridge.

2005 - 1st Ian Mordue: South Shields Titan Blocksetter Crane.

2nd Ken McDonald: Automatic Racer.

3rd Tim Edwards: Braiding Machine.

2006 - 1st Ed Rebecca: Pithead Complex.

2nd George Roy: “Harvest Past”.

3rd Alan Blair: Gallopers Roundabout.

2007 - 1st Ken McDonald: Cliff Railway.

2nd Ed Rebecca: Remote Controlled Crane.

3rd Joe Etheridge: Shay Locomotive.

2008 - 1st Bob Middlemass: Middlesbrough Lifting Bridge.

2nd Ken Mcdonald: Automatic Racer.

3rd Jim Berrie: Petrol Engine Driving a Water Pump.

2009 - The Scone show and therefore our annual exhibition was cancelled due to waterlogged ground.

2010 - 1st Ken McDonald: Tower Ball Roller.

2nd Andy Knox: Electronically Controlled Lift.

3rd Alistair Nicoll: Clydebank Titan Crane.

2011 - 1st Andy Knox: BMC Engine.

2nd Bob Seaton: Locomotives.

3rd Andy Knox: Titan Crane.

2012 - 1st Ken McDonald: “Unremitting Labour”. Ball mover with Gandy Car.

2nd Joe Etheridge: Newport Bridge.

3rd Gordon Stewart: Tractor and Binder.

2013 - 1st John Sharp: Fork Lift Truck.

2nd Bob Middlemass: Tower Bridge.

3rd Andy Knox: Petrol Engine.

2014 - 1st Bob Seaton: Remembrance Locomotive.

2nd John Sharp: Tug tractor.

3rd Alistair Nicoll: Glasgow Tram.

2015 - 1st Andy Knox: Pumping Engine.

2nd Alistair Nicoll: Kangaroo Crane.

3rd Gordon Stewart: Tractor and Harvester.

2016 - 1st Andy Knox: Ball Roller.

2nd Ian Mordue: Grange Ironworks Crane.

3rd John Sharp: Grignion Clock.

2017 - 1st Chris Shute: Wem Treacle Mine.

2nd Alan Blair: Locomotive.

3rd Ken McDonald: Ball Roller.

2018 - 1st Chris Shute: Automatic Writing Machine.

2nd Andy Knox: Lawnmower Man.

3rd Rob Mitchell: Hole-in-One Machine.

2019 - 1st Dave Stanford: Playpark.

2nd John Sharp: Grignion and Anfield Clocks.

3rd Douglas Carson: Finnieston Crane.

2020 - No Competition due to covid.

2021 - 1st Ken McDonald: Victorian Overhead Single Cylinder Steam Engine.

2nd George Roy: Forklift Truck.

3rd Alastair Innes: Loom.

2022 - 1st Andy Knox: Finnieston Crane .

2nd Colin Bayes: Set 10 model of a Scammel Highwayman.

3rd John Sharp: Derrick Crane .

Jim Finlayson Memorial Trophy

1986 - Jim Berrie: Iru Bru Factory.

1987 - Derek Strickland: Animated Group of Meccano Musicians.

1988 - Douglas Cooper: Roundabout with galloping horses and rotating gondolas.

1989 - Bob Middlemass: Blocksetter Crane.

1990 - Jackie Inglis: Good selection of models.

1991 - Derek Strickland.

1992 - Kirkcaldy Young Engineers Club: Models including a rail mounted crane.

1993 - Tim Edwards: Analogue Computer.

1994 - Jackie Inglis: Models including 40 Oar Galley, Beam Engine and Divers Helmet.

1995 - Derek Strickland,

1996 - Bert Hutchings: Models for youngsters to operate.

1997 - Tim Edwards: Models for youngsters to operate.

1998 - Alistair Nicoll.

1999 - Bob Brown: Operation of telescopic crane and overhead gantry crane.

2000 - Tim Edwards: Model display including “Sleeping Meccanoman”.

2001 - Chris Shute: Ping Pong Ball Lifter Man.

2002 - Bob Brown: Colourful Fairground Display.

2003 - Jim Gregory: Tram Layout.

2004 - Jackie Inglis: Paddle Steamer.

2005 - Alan Macdonald: For services to the society.

2006 - Dick Martin: Marklin Excavator.

2007 - Bob Middlemass: Beam Engine Models.

2008 - Joe Etheridge: For display of models and services to the society.

2009 - Ken McDonald.

2010 - Alan Blair.

2011 - Andy Knox.

2012 - Douglas Carson.

2013 - Angus plumb.

2014 - Gordon and Sheila Stewart.

2915 - Bert Hutchings.

2016 - Andy Knox: Ball Roller Crowd Puller.

2017 - Angus Plumb: Display and contribution to exhibitions.

2018 - Dave Stanford: For his outstanding contribution to the Club and the hobby.

2019 - Douglas Carson: For his outstanding contribution to the Club and the hobby.

2020 - Alan Blair and Ken McDonald : 2020 has been an exceptional year; the pandemic has halted our usual programme of meetings and exhibitions. This has made our Newsletter even more important as a means of demonstrating the vitality of the Society and as a way of keeping in touch with all members. I believe the job of Newsletter Editor is the most onerous one in the Society so this year I have decided to depart from the usual practice and award the trophy jointly to two editors.

2021 - Brendan Harris: For his outstanding contribution to the Club and the hobby.

2022 - Keith Remnant: For his services to Meccano in the North East of Scotland.

Menstrie Challenge.

There is an award presented to the winner of the annual Menstrie challenge. The first challenge was in 2002. For details and rules see the various Mentstrie Photo galleries

2002 Hill Climb

Travel 1 metre along a board at the steepest slope using only a Meccano post-war Clockwork Motor No 1.

1st Tim Edwards : 2nd David Lawrence

2003 Walking Competition

Travel furthest using only a Meccano post-war Clockwork Motor No 1.

1st Chris Shute : 2nd Bobby Middlemass

2004 Falling Weight Competition

Travel furthest using a 1 pound weight with a maximum height of 3 ft.

1st Chris Shute : 2nd Tim Edwards : 3rd David Lawrence

2005 21st Anniversary Competition

Model comprising no more than 21 parts excluding nuts, bolts, grub screws and washers.

1st Alistair Nicoll (Trick Cyclist) : 2nd Robert Jones (Dalek) : 3rd Angus Plumb (3D Meccano Graphic)

2006 Carry the Can

Carry a tin of baked beans as far as possible using only a clockwork Magic Motor.

1st Rod Bessent : 2nd Robert Jones : 3rd Ken McDonald

2007 Reversing Vehicle

Produce a vehicle which will reverse as many times as possible between a pair of obstacles 4ft apart powered by a magic motor.

1st Tim Edwards : 2nd Chris Shute : 3rd David Lawrence

2008 Bulldozer

Produce a bulldozer powered by No 1 Clockwork Motor. Knock out competition.

1st Alistair Nicoll : 2nd David Lawrence : 3rd Bill Jack

2009 Trebuchet

1st Rod Bessent

2010 Sprint

Produce a vehicle powered by a Magic Motor to sprint fastest over a fixed distance. League system competition.

1st George Roy : 2nd= Gordon Stewart : 2nd= Rob Mitchell

2011 Walking Competition

Produce a walking vehicle powered by a French M0 electric motor. A sprint competition to cover a fixed distance in the shortest time.

1st Andy Knox

2012 Hill Climb

Build a vehicle powered by a French M0 electric motor able to ascend an inclined wooden plank.

1st George Roy

2013 Ping –Pong Ball Landing

Build a machine able to project ping pong balls into a distant bucket. Power source any Meccano electric or clockwork motor.

1st George Roy : 2nd Gordon Stewart : 3rd Douglas Carson

2014 Obstacle Climbing

Build a machine that can overcome an obstacle of variable height.

1st Gordon Stewart : 2nd Andy Knox

2015 Stair Climbing

Build a machine that can climb a flight of stairs. The stairs have five risers of successively greater heights.

1st Andy Knox : 2nd Gordon Stewart

2016 Hamster Wheel

Construct a hamster wheel and a hamster to run in it. The hamster is to be powered by a clockwork motor. The aim is to achieve the greatest number of revolutions.

1st Bert Hutchings : 2nd Alistair Nicoll : 3rd George Roy

2017 Ping Pong Ball Roller Machine

Build a modular ping pong ball roller. All ball rollers to be placed in a line and balls fed from one to the next.

1st Gordon Stewart : 2nd Ruth & Robert Jones

2018 Shooting Gallery

Construct a machine to fire 20 ball bearings at a target containing moving and static targets. Three rounds at increasing ranges.

1st Douglas Carson : 2nd Gordon Stewart : 3rd Brendan Harris

2019 Obstacle Course

Construct a vehicle to carry 50 ball bearings over an obstacle course. 8 heats with different obstacles.

1st Brendan Harris : 2nd Andy Knox : 3rd Gordon Stewart

2020/2021 Cancelled due to COVID.

2022 Travel and stop on a target.

Construct a vehicle to travel and stop on a target. 3 heats with increasing travel distance.

1st Andy Knox : 2nd Alastair Innes: 3rd Chris Shute

Alistair Nicoll Memorial Trophy.

2018 - Douglas Carson: For the article on the History of the Meccano Society of Scotland which appeared in the April 2018 Issue.

2019 - Andy Knox: For his “Lawnmower Man” article. which appeared in the August 2019 Issue.

2020 - Dave Stanford: For his “Extended Play Park” article. which appeared in the April 2020 Issue.
(The judges chose a model-building article which, in their opinion, displayed original thought and innovation. It also showed how a combination of relatively simple mechanisms using fairly common parts can be combined to create a model of sophistication and charm.)

2021 - 1st Douglas Carson: April - Meccano Magazine Covers North British Railway Co. : 2nd Colin Bayes: December - Shelvoke & Drewy Dualdrive Freightlifter.