The Meccano Society of Scotland

Andrew Knox

Remote control 16 wheel drive Meccano Blocksetting Crane

This model is based on SML 4 and follows the basic boom and carriage structure quite closely. The model has been built using a combination of Meccano and Marklin / Metallus parts and most were purchased specifically for this model. There are 3000+ nuts, bolts & washers holding it all together and virtually all are the black Meccano socket-head type (the odd M4 cap screw has crept in here and there).

The model uses 4 motors - 3x gear motors for the traveller, slewing and drive, and a larger ungeared motor for the hoist. Power is from a (fused) 12V / 12Ah rechargeable lead-acid battery in the engine house which, weighing several kgs, also acts as a counterweight for the boom. The remote control connects via a 15 way 'D' type connector and uses 4x double pole (on)-off-(on) switches to give directional control over the motors. An additional on / off switch with LED is fitted to control the whole thing. Lots of additional cross-bracing has been added to the boom and the carriage has an extra 4 double braced girders added. The front end of the boom has additional corner gussets added to stiffen it up and the crab runs on 8 wheels instead of 4. The crane will comfortably lift 2 bricks at maximum radius and still do everything it's supposed to.

More details of the model together with a partial parts list is available by clicking here

Pictures of the Blocksetter Crane

High resolution versions of the photos are also available for download if desired.

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