The Meccano Society of Scotland

Bobby Middlemass

These photos show a number of models built be Bobby Middlemass, one of our long standing members. There are some notes on some of the models


Glasgow "Coronation" Tram

This model was built from a Modelplan (available from MW Mail Order) by Paul Joachim. The model is built more or less to the plans, the one exception being the inside stairs, which I couldn't work out how he got them in to the model. I eventually did them my own way, which I feel was as successful as the original. There is a motor turning each axle, as in the original tram.



Plans by the late Keith Cameron, which were published in the Midlands Meccano Guild Gazette of September 1988. The main changes that I made, were the extra steps surrounding the platform and Meccano horses. It is powered by a main motor.


Beam Engine

This model is from a late Brian Rowe plan. However there were some very vague parts of the instructions, which were partially helped with photographs in The Constructor Quarterly and partially by guess work. I am very pleased with the finished model and it runs well with a mains motor.


Tower Bridge

There are a whole series of pictures of this impressive model

Dimensions were taken from an article by Jeff Wright in the Meccano Engineer of September 1975. The overall detail of the stone work was culled from as many photographs as I could find, including the bridge as a back ground to an advert. I for my sins, have to my knowledge never on or very near the bridge in my life. London is 600 miles away and I wasn't going to make the trip for the pleasure of getting more details for my model!

The bascuales have counter weights of lead to make it an easier lift, as has the one in London. The large quadrants would have been the right part to use for the lifting gear, but my model was going to be 9 1/2 feet long and it could have got impossible if I had scaled it up further. The lifting is done very simply, always the best, by just using a small hoist below pulling the counter balance down. It works like a dream! The curving of so many plates and strips could not have been done so neatly without my trusty friend, a 6inch mini roller from G.W. Models. The bascules each have a 12 volt motor for raising and lowering.


Middlesbrough Lifting Bridge

There are a whole series of pictures of this impressive model which was built from detailed photographs

Pictures of Bobby Middlemass's models

High resolution versions of the photos are also available for download if desired.

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